Weight Loss Plateau (video)

No matter how little I eat I just can’t lose any more weight…Is this YOU!?

We find so many of our female clients come to us stuck and not knowing how to get their fat loss moving again. Here is a brief video discussing some key points of why yours may be more dead than your average zombie.


  • Do fats or carbs make you fat? Or does over eating?
  • Would you get fat from eating cookie dough if eating under maintenance calories?
  • Why we should keep our favourite foods on a diet.
  • Adapting fat loss to your lifestyle.
  • Should I feel guilty if I eat a food that is naughty?
  • Why regular intervals of protein support muscle tissue to avoid the dreaded skinny fat look.
  • Why starting a cut with a slow metabolism will end in failure!
  • How to start a cut with a fast metabolic rate.
  • How to diet and reverse back out of it so you do not gain any fat back!
  • What weight we are losing when dieting? Is it water, glycogen (carbs stores), muscle or fat?
  • Why being methodical ensures definite fat burning and why it’s important.
  • Analogies to make sense of why we should track to get rid of fat!
  • Why people have been coming to the gym for years and still look the same!
  • Why you can’t lose weight irrelevant of how low your calories are.
  • How human survival depends on our metabolisms being adaptive.
  • How we can trick it to burn fat long term.
  • Why maintenance phases are important.
  • How maintenance phases allow the body to log the new weight to prevent weight gain and how they prime you for another faster cut in the near future.
  • Is it optimal to use optimal strategies or to adapt these strategies to lesser degrees to benefit your lifestyle to be able to consist with them for long term results?