Luke Walker

personal trainer

Luke Walker


Hey, I’m Luke (Sky) Walker and I have a passion for self-improvement and fulfilling one’s full potential and believe that everyone can achieve their ultimate goal with the correct structure, principles, mind set and all alongside enjoying your favourite foods and still socialising!

Your fitness journey should liberate your life not restrict it. So we educate you on how fat loss and muscle building works and break down the science so it is simplified and understood and thus then able to be efficiently applied when you are on your own.

I continue to broaden my knowledge within the health and fitness industry to ensure you gain maximum benefit and have fun during your Body Reach experience in whatever form that may be. I have also walked the walk and transformed my own physique but have more improvements to make yet!

I am fully qualified and have personal experience of 9 years in the industry:

  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition and Weight Management

I am also a fully qualified first aider so I have my clients’ health and safety covered always.

My passion is The Body Reach Journey community that i created so that people from all over the world can afford online personal training! This kind of service has always been a luxury to the wealthy, but not anymore! Check out The Body Reach tab for more information!

What I do in my spare time

I love food, dining out with my wife, playing games, lifting weights, playing sports, seeing friends, reading self-improvement/anatomy/business books to increase my knowledge particularly human biology and mind set. I am a big film (marvel, Mission impossible and comedy) and cinema fan, spending relaxed time and going on walks with my wife and dog, I love beaches and blue seas, I’m a family guy and we get together on a regular basis.

My ultimate goal is to work from anywhere in the world programming tailored routines for clients, friends and family, helping on a global level and in the process making the world a fitter, more capable, understandable, happier, body confident place. Overall I am a happy-go-lucky kind of guy who doesn’t take life too seriously but at the same time focused and goal oriented having a positive outlook on life.

Every day I choose three things I am grateful for to ensure I don’t take a day for granted! What are you grateful for today?
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