You’ve arrived at the right place if you are unsure where or how to start your journey and how to decipher through the masses of conflicting and confusing information there now is online in this informational era we live in.

We at Body Reach focus very closely on two things with you the client; education (so you know what to do when we are not with you) and simplifying the process (so you have the highest chance of success possible).

We pride our brand on 5 principles:

1. Knowledge – staying up to date with the latest science and ensuring our methods are backed by solid evidence.
2. Passion – we love our field and we genuinely are fulfilled by the process of helping others achieve body and mind satisfaction, the long lasting way!
3. Trusting – we will be completely honest throughout your journey and have your best interest at heart, though we will not sugar coat anything that needs to be said, this way we ensure we are on the same track together and that you understand our clear objectives and goals.
4. Dedication – every. single. day… we research and stay focused on the task at hand, achieve with our clients as effectively as possible and make Body Reach a globally recognised, respected and successful brand.
5. Personable – we tailor EVERYTHING to you, everything. We adapt our personalities to the client, we are NOT a template company. People are different and live different lifestyles, you are brand new and we adapt to you and your wants specifically.

Between us we have around 14 years of experience under our belts and with confidence not arrogance are 100% sure we are of advanced/expert level in the field of who we serve … Though as Einstein once said “once you stop learning, you start dying” so of course we never stop learning or researching as technology and information advances.

One last thing to mention is our philosophy is to be as effective as possible and adapt to the person’s lifestyle. Our methods do not involve taking the fun out of life, because nobody can adapt to that lifestyle. We get you results whilst allowing you to also enjoy yourself and for example, social gatherings! Though of course our methods come with caveats and strategies.

We work on a whatever it takes mind set, but what if whatever it takes is easier than you anticipated!? Food for thought.

Speak soon!

Body Reach



Our Happy Customers

After suffering a slipped disc some years ago and walking stooped because you are terrified the same thing will happen again, Luke has helped me strengthen my core muscles, so that my back is not my major angst any more, I walk more confidently and feel stronger.
A weekly session of coaching, out of my hectic work schedule is worth it as the results are amazing, Thank you Luke

Carol Wilson

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