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It is common practice for us here at Bodyreach to have an initial and potentially free consultation with you, our to be customer! This will be done using either Skype or FaceTime at a time convenient for you.

We charge an initial small fee but if you carry on with us you get this fee back! It is simply to avoid pranksters and people who are only interested in wasting our time and to be honest, there are only so many people we can help and so time to us is really important!

What does the consult involve?

• Meet and greet to get to know one another.
• We will ask some funny questions such as your favourite foods and hobbies…
• We find out your goals and you will find out our philosophies on how we will accomplish them – to us, it is important that we are on the same page from the start!
• We ask predominantly lifestyle questions to get a proper insight into your everyday life so that when it comes to devising your tailored programs we have all information we need to ensure it is not only a fantastic program but also that it is adapted to you so that our chances of succeeding are high!
• We will discuss how the online personal training process works and which packages best suit you.
• We will take some personal statistics from you such as height, weight, age, water consumption, food consumption and will find out the health of your metabolic rate and if you are currently in the right body state to start working towards your goals.
• There will be a little educational teaching from us on one key factor that holds so many people back and one we must incorporate in order to help you achieve your goals indefinitely.
• There will be a few questions on your exercise history so we know where you are at in terms of experience and we will also find out where you are wanting to get fit from whether, gym or home etc.
• We will then ask you what your model physique is such as where you are wanting to focus on the most and we will be objective, honest and realistic with you in terms of how specific we feel you need to be in order to achieve them.

At Bodyreach we are here to assist you to achieve your goals, no matter what they are and to get you there as efficiently and long lasting as possible with a high focus on the program being individualised and adapted to YOU.