Welcome to Body Reach Fitness

Great, you’ve arrived! One step closer to your journey!

We like to get straight to the point and to show you why you should work with Body Reach!

Our style is and has always been about results, being personable, creating long term lifestyle changes, educating in the process and most of all having FUN. The main fundamentals needed in order to succeed in the achievement of your goals.

You aren’t just a number with us, we are an exclusive company with limited numbers and high attention to detail. We work closely with nutrition, health screens, lifestyle coaching, and we are realistic throughout in that we don’t expect you to start eating raw carrots every day. We plan for an everything in moderation approach and have a NO FAD policy! Good things come to those with patience and consistency! In future the same mistakes are then always avoided through long term education and good habits. Ensuring complete success.

We can organise for a meet up at a local coffee house, and a chat over your ideals. This way you can see if you feel we’d make a good team!
Lastly, keep in mind that we are an 8-year-old company, and love what we do…so, we are ready when you are!


Our Happy Customers

After suffering a slipped disc some years ago and walking stooped because you are terrified the same thing will happen again, Luke has helped me strengthen my core muscles, so that my back is not my major angst any more, I walk more confidently and feel stronger.
A weekly session of coaching, out of my hectic work schedule is worth it as the results are amazing, Thank you Luke

Carol Wilson