Affordable World Wide Online Personal Training!


This has ever been a luxury journey that only few have been able to do. No more! I have devised this journey for the people who cannot afford such luxuries. I am very proud of this project as my goal has always been to make a difference and to serve the many, not the few.

On this Journey you are added to a private Facebook group which includes ongoing support, motivation, education and affordability so that all members can complete their journey as a team!

Our community is a place where we push each other through, holding each another accountable and influencing/motivating one another to reach our full potential and succeed in our physique and health goals!

Accountability check ins are every 2 weeks with the Body Reach team and a personalized response from me to your progress, this includes questions and for any tweaks you might need to encourage consistent progress throughout your journey!

A simplified overview.


Prices and Packages

Nutrition upfront cost of £30 to lay the foundations.

Training themed program upfront cost £30 for your structured regime specific to your goals. These are updated every 6-12 weeks or so.

After these initial payments you then get continued monthly support. The above are sold separately but can be merged together!


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Price comparison

Our training programs or the nutrition starter payment are around the equivalent of 9-12 cups of coffee and I mention this because I have 1 Starbucks/Costa (two timer i know) minimum per day, 6 days a week which costs me an intangible…but worth it £70 or so per month. Perception is everything! Our Body Reach community monthly membership is the equivalent to 3 cups of coffee!


Partners Journey

This improves the likelihood of success due to both partners being on the same supportive journey and lowers the price for the household!

Nutrition or Training Separately – £15 per month (£7.50 each) and includes 2 check ins per month

Nutrition and Training Merged – £22.50 per month (£11.25 each) and includes 2 check ins per month for nutrition and training


Referral Practice

Refer a friend and get one month of check ins for free! Your chances of success increase when you have friends on that same gainz train!


Nutrition Tutorials

An array of Informative, private YouTube videos including; diet hacks, myths, fat loss education, what fancy words like BMR and TDEE mean and why they are so important to fat loss, why fiber is important, what macros are, the importance of protein, how to use My Fitness Pal, how long fat loss cycles should last and how to time them best and more!


The metabolic health check

The health check Includes finding out how fast your metabolism is running. We find this out based on your current calorie consumptions before you start our journey and compared these calories to where they should be based on your specific statistics. We then figure out from the difference between these two numbers whether or not your metabolism requires speeding up to really compliment your fat loss phase.


Training Tutorials

An array of Informative, private YouTube videos including topics on training such as; why it’s so important to practice the same exercises for extended periods, the mind muscle connection, technique videos to improve your understanding of weight lifting, does fat turn into muscle, what progressive overload is and muscle gain expectations!


Themed Training Programs

As each themed training phase is completed, and you advance, the level of difficulty increases to ensure that you are progressing in terms of strength, athleticism, capability and are provided with a new stimulus/puzzle for your body to adapt, solve and improve. Another benefit is that it also adds versatility, prevents you from boredom and due to the new exercise selections you technically improve too. Once all of the themed phases are completed you then have the choice to switch to tailored program design for £69.99 developed by us to match your lifestyle, and specific goals (for example more exercises directed toward the glute muscles to further sculpt your clay!).


Tailored Training Plan

This program choice allows you to have a program designed for your body specifically! You can let us know targeted areas you want to sculpt or build (such as the glutes AKA a peachy bum for example) or to work around certain injuries that you may have. You may have an ideal goal physique in mind as everyone’s ideal physique is a little different. We send you 5-6 questions and then get to work on tailoring your regime to you and the body goals you have!


£69.99 one off payment and then £34.99 to make adaptations to your program. People tend to update every 6-12 weeks.